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Text management software for the IBM PC and compatibles
┬ęCopyright 1988 By SoftSense Inc.
WordSense is a Trademark of SoftSense Inc.
Later sold independently by Bob Lentini as "WordSmith"

(Excerpt from the WordSense Users Manual)

WordSense Editor is a full featured Text Management System. It is for anyone and everyone who needs to manipulate text on an IBM PC or compatible computer. I hesitate to use the phrase Word Processor, for fear of the product being categorized in the overcrowded world of existing word processing software. WordSense Editor is a refreshingly NEW approach to an OLD problem. Test drive the program for a short time and I promise you will be addicted to the efficiency, speed, power and new-found excitement that WordSense Editor will bring you.

Advertised Feature List

Extremely FAST & efficient screen & file handling
Runs Memory Resident or Stand Alone
Built-in Help Screens and Reference/Help Index
Can function as a straight ASCII editor
Can function as a full-featured Word Processor/Text Manager
Handles documents up to 240 columns wide
Directly imports spreadsheet. PRN files for further editing
Merge underlying screens directly into documents in resident mode
40 User-Definable Function Keys (for EACH default directory)
26 User-Definable Style Sheets (for EACH default directory)
Open Nine documents simultaneously in Nine independent Windows
Each Window may have its own default settings
Windows 2-9 remain intact even after turning off computer
Information may be easily moved between Windows
View two windows simultaneously (Horizontal or Vertical split)
Powerful Block Sorting features
Print and Save specified blocks of data
Column-Block moves, copies & deletes
All format settings can track with the document
Powerful 4000 character Undelete Buffer

Setup and control two different printer ports
Proportional-spaced justification for Laser & Letter Quality Printers
Print Odd-Even page groups for double sided printing
Create Two-line Headers & Footers for both odd and even pages
Automatic page numbering in either Headers or Footers
Define separate offsets for first page & rest of document
Onscreen column mode for special document editing
Automatic Column-Snaking for up to 10 newspaper-type columns
Easily create custom printer-drivers for almost any printer
Can automatically save your work in background
Can specify directory qualifiers
Draw boxes & lines with available IBM character set
Exit to DOS feature can run external programs or batch files
Global Locate text across an entire directory
Easily split large documents and re-append them back together
Powerful & flexible Mail Merge capabilities
Onscreen VIEW mode to preview page layout before printing
Written in 100% Assembly Language for maximum speed
Special Memory/Disk Swap Resident Mode uses only 3.6K Hook
Easily coexists with other utilities (Spell Checker, Thesaurus, etc.)

WordSense Editor is an extremely powerful and efficient tool designed to ease the task of creating and manipulating text on the printed page. The program was created and tested in the work environment, during a 2 year period, by people who use computers every day to format and manipulate text. The resulting software is a product which gives the User the flexibility, power and sensible command structure that word processing has promised but never quite delivered.

Browsing through the Table Of Contents gives a sense of the powerful features built into the program. What is not quite as obvious is the beauty and artistry of the command interface design. Much attention has been given to the many repetitive details of operating a large piece of software and experiencing the WordSense Editor environment is the only way to fully appreciate how exciting and easy commanding your computer can be.

WordSense Editor is designed to be flexible and versatile. It offers many options that you may customize to your liking. The command interface uses no pre-assigned function keys. You may define each of these special keys in your own way. You may even set them up to emulate many of the functions of other popular word processors.

WordSense Editor can be used as a stand-alone program or as a memory-resident program. Each has certain advantages and it is up to you to decide how you would like the program to operate.

Two distinct modes of operation are always within reach; ASCII mode and Word-Processing mode. ASCII mode allows WordSense Editor to operate as a text editor with no special formatting options. This is ideal for programming applications or writing DOS batch files. Coupled with the memory-resident feature, WordSense Editor becomes hard to beat as a programmer's editor. Word-Processing mode allows WordSense Editor to operate as a full featured word processor with all the standard features found in the most expensive and often bulky software packages, and many new and unique features not offered in any other package.

WordSense Editor offers you full control of your laser printer from within the program and makes it easy for you to control font changes, handle proportional-spaced justification, and even do automatic column-snaking to create up to 10 newspaper columns on a page.

Features such as Column-Block marking, Global Locate & Edit across an entire directory, Style Sheets, Mail-merge, complete sub-directory control, up to nine different editing windows, programmable function-keys, user adjustable printer drivers, easy first & second letter command interface, the unmatched speed and compactness of 100% assembly language program code, etc. all add up to making WordSense Editor the most sensible choice available for text management.

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