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The Levelizer Plugin For SAWStudio And SAC

The Levelizer Plug-In module is a professional quality dynamics processing and mastering tool that offers enhanced Gate, Compressor and Peak Limiter/Normalizer functions to the SAWStudio and SAC user. This module also offers accurate Gain Reduction Metering of all combined functions, a Remove Silence function, and the ability to scan and display the highest 50 peaks within any range of MultiTrack audio!

Each setting can be adjusted with an incredibly powerful new interface control design that allows value scrolling, stepping and instant selection from a popup display of every possible value.

The Gate has adjustments for the Attack and Release times, the Floor level that the gate closes to, and the Threshold level. The Threshold setting can also be visibly displayed against any waveform data in the SoundFile or MultiTrack View. The Gate Reverse switch causes the gate to operate in reverse. When the signal is greater than the threshold, the gate closes down to the floor setting and when the signal falls below the threshold, the gate opens back up to full. This can be used to create a simple and powerful ducking processor by assigning the key to another track which will then control when this track lowers its level.

The Compressor has adjustments for the Attack and Release times, the Ratio of compression, and the Threshold level. The Threshold setting can also be visibly displayed against any waveform data in the SoundFile or MultiTrack View.

Both the Gate and Compressor can be keyed from their own track’s data or from a mix of one or more virtual buffers or, with the new SAWStudio API power, direct from any MultiTrack track.

The Key buffer can also be filtered with the use of powerful Hi-Cut and Lo-Cut EQ functions that allow the Levelizer to be easily used as a De-Esser or other special purpose dynamics processor. Both EQ filters can cover the entire frequency range and can even be set to overlap in cutoff frequencies, allowing the user complete control over frequency bandwidth.

The Key Listen switch allows you to listen to the actual Key data instead of the main audio data stream, and the new API now allows this switch to automatically control the console solos so you hear only what you need to hear. This makes it easy to adjust the EQ and hear exactly what is triggering the Gate and Compressor functions.

The famous SAW Peak Limit / Normalize algorithm functions LIVE in the SAWStudio environment, without the need for a data prescan. An incredible time saver for an incredibly powerful mastering tool. Both settings can also be visibly displayed against any waveform data in the SoundFile or MultiTrack View.

The Gain Reduction Meter offers an incredibly accurate means of displaying just how much adjusting the module is doing. Its accurate tracking of levels, attack and release times, and its timing of the audio transients is unmatched in any software based Windows plug-in and rivals the reaction time of hardware displays.

The Remove Silence function can automatically split and remove region track data based on the Gate settings. For this function, the Attack time is used as a negative pre-threshold split point. This function can also be used in a Split / Mark mode whereby all regions are split and marked for viewing before a simple keystroke finishes the job.

The Find Peaks function scans a range of audio data and displays a list of the highest 50 peak values within that range. The values are displayed as HEX data values, percent of clipping values, and decibel values. The actual sample position where the peak occurred is also displayed. Clicking on any of the listed items, automatically jumps the MultiTrack cursor to the exact sample position, allowing instant viewing and playback.

The Levelizer module represents one of the most precision dynamics processing and mastering tools available anywhere, and can easily replace many of the high priced hardware based units currently on the market. Have fun maximizing, finalizing and Levelizing your audio projects with the SAWStudio Levelizer Plug-in!

System Requirements

Levelizer64 Plugin
64 Bit Code
Runs on Win 7-64 Bit, Win 8-64 Bit, Win 10-64 Bit
2gb Min Ram
Requires SAC64 or SAWStudio64 as a Host

Levelizer Plugin
32 Bit Code
Runs on Win XP, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10
2gb Min Ram
Requires SAC or SAWStudio Basic, Lite or Full as a Host

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