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My Story
After IQS
After IQS, building up RML Labs became my main focus. I continued the development and marketing push of SAWStudio and the product is still evolving today.

The growth of SAWStudio into the Live Sound product called SAC (Software Audio Console) has expanded my industry involvement tremendously. Today SAC is continuously finding its way into many areas of Live Sound, including being embraced by Elton John and his production department as the means of handling all stage monitor mixing and archive recording of every concert performance.

This connection has opened other doors which are introducing SAC and SAWStudio into new and unique audio industry opportunites.

SAC is constantly being looked at by major industry artists and investors as a possible new audio mixing technology to be introduced as a large scale concert mixing product line. Hopefully this will become a reality soon.

The future looks exciting for RML Labs and new ideas and creative projects are continuing to take shape.

RML Labs
Have a look around and enjoy your journey into my crazy world where doing things differently is the norm.
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