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Misc Downloads / Links
Signal Switch Plugin From RML Labs
A wonderful utility that allows you to create a talkback channel on a SAWStudio or SAC virtual Live Mode channel. Plug any microphone into the system and assign it through a virtual console channel in SAWStudio or SAC, then patch this plugin in the Pre-Patch point. The plugin will block the signal until the large switch is clicked and held with the mouse. You can also latch the switch if desired. It displays a meter showing signal levels when active. This is the perfect solution for the virtual recording session giving you a talkback mic assignable to any or all of the Aux Sends for headphone monitoring to the performers. Any mic can be used, including condenser mics with no regard for special switching hardware to mute the mic signal without interfering with the phantom power. You can also use a Gameport or an inexpensive USB-Gameport adaptor and hook up two footswitches or desktop switches to control the plugin from. Perfect for giving the producer his own talkback switch for communication during the session. You can even patch it in two separate channels and use a separate mic for the engineer and producer at the producer’s desk, each with their own physical switch if desired. A must have for the serious virtual studio enthusiast. Yours FREE from RML Labs.

Signal Switch Plugin32 - Download
Signal Switch Plugin64 - Download

K-Lite Codec Pack Full (Ver 1136)
A collection of Windows video and audio codecs to allow encoding and decoding many different types of file formats. Excellent choice for use with the SAWStudio Video Viewer. This is an older version which is still XP compatible and which I have used on many systems... but, there are newer versions out there if you want the latest... search the web.

K-Lite Codec Pack Full - Download

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