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Midi Workshop
For use with SAWStudio, SAWStudioLite
or SAWStudioBasic


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Welcome to the exciting new Midi WorkShop add-on for SAWStudio! The Midi WorkShop requires SAWStudio, SAWStudioLite, or SAWStudioBasic as a host. The Midi WorkShop's interface is designed to work in a way consistent with the SAWStudio environment, maintaining similar keystrokes wherever applicable, and creating an exciting new way to display and work with MIDI data.

The Midi WorkShop has 128 MIDI tracks arranged in its own MultiTrack view, separate from the SAWStudio MultiTrack, but locked to all SAWStudio MultiTrack cursor movements. It has the ability to maintain its own vertical and horizontal zoom levels while still maintaining precise synchronization with SAWStudio MultiTrack audio data.

The Midi WorkShop has its own set of workspace views, similar to SAWStudio's F-Key workspace views. These can work independently or be linked to SAWStudio's F-Key or Alt-F-Key views, giving extreme flexibility for viewing and working with MIDI and audio data simultaneously.

A richly designed piano keyboard graphic offers extended flexibility as an effective visual reference to musical data, and as a miniature built-in controller for auditioning MIDI patches.

The Patch Library view window offers a unique and powerful approach to organizing and accessing thousands of MIDI patches across all installed MIDI sound modules, along with unlimited grouping capabilities, making auditioning and selecting patches a breeze!

A unique measure mapping feature allows freeform performances to be easily and instantly mapped to a measure grid, which automatically calculates tempo variations, and allows for perfect Conductor/Click Track creation. The data may then be set or averaged into a perfectly smooth performance, allowing easy orchestration or quantizing of added data in perfect time.

The Midi WorkShop can import and export standard MultiTrack MIDI files, allowing complete compatibility with other MIDI sequencer and notation programs. Move MIDI data data between programs with ease!

The ability to combine MIDI performances with audio performances in the same workspace offers incredible creative possibilities to both the audio engineer and musical composer.

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