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Now you have the ability to change the entire look of your SAWStudio graphic interface with SAWStudio Shades! Each Shades package contains a unique graphics overlay easily applied using an option under the SAWStudio File menu, allowing you to quickly switch between the default Studio Vintage look or one of the custom Shade designs! Each Shade features different colors, textures, and fonts, from classic to contemporary.

Note: For proper functionality, when using any of the SAWStudio Shades, be sure to match the appropriate Shades version to your current version of SAWStudio.

Shades available for use with
SAWStudio | SAWStudioLite verson 2.6 and higher
SAWStudioBasic version 1.0 and higher

Shades available for use with
SAWStudio | SAWStudioLite version 2.5

3rd Party Shades!

Want to see more Shades? Visit the RML Labs 3rd Party Shades Link to access numerous Shades overlays designed by SAWStudio users!

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